Business Transactions

Whether your business is in the initial start-up phase, growing in size and profits, or preparing to wind down, sell, or transition, there are a number of transactions that will affect your business structure, liability, or interests. We represent our business clients throughout the life of their companies to ensure that all transactions protect their interests to the fullest extent possible under the law.

When we serve as corporate counsel, we approach the role as experienced client advocates, making it a priority to learn about your business and industry from the inside out, and ready to go to the mat to protect our clients during negotiations. We provide counsel to effectively navigate, structure, and ultimately document many types of business transactions.

Some of the transaction types we handle are outlined below. Please note that there are countless types of commercial transactions and situations, and the following are merely examples of some we have encountered.

Standard Contract Services

Memorandums and Letters of Understanding

Planning And Launching A New Business

Starting A New Businesses
Selecting A Form Of Business Entity

Formation And Operation Of Business Entities

Limited Liability Companies
General Partnerships
Limited Partnerships
Buy-sell Agreements
Nonprofit Corporations
Conversions And Other Entity Form Changes

Product Development And Commercialization

Beta Testing
Clinical Trials
Supply And Purchase Arrangements
Vendor Agreements
Manufacturing Agreements
Sales Representative Agreements
Distributor Agreements
Product Service And Support Agreements
Marketing And Advertising Agreements

Service Agreements

Independent Contractors
Repair and Maintenance
Consulting Agreements
Professional Services Agreements


Drafting and Reviewing Commercial Leases
Personal Property Leases

Business Financing

Finders’ Arrangements
Corporate Equity Financing
Commercial Debt Financing
Corporate Debt Financing
Private Placement Memorandums (ppms)
Venture Capital Financing
Commercial Debt Financing

Internet And Online Transactions

Electronic Commerce Agreements
Sponsorship Agreements
Advertising Agreements
Website Design And Nondisclosure Agreements
Website Hosting Agreements
Content Development Agreements
Website Content License Agreements

Consumer Transactions

Consumer Credit
Consumer Sales And Leases

Human Resources And Employment

Employment Agreements
Employee Confidentiality And Innovations Assignment Agreements
Employee Noncompetition And Nonsolicitation Agreements
Executive And Employee Compensation And Benefits
Stock Incentive Plans And Agreements

Technology Management And Transactions

Patent Licensing Agreements
Copyright License Agreements
Trademark License Agreements
Service Mark License Agreements
Trade Secret License Agreements
Research And Development Agreements
Computer Software License Agreements
Software Development Agreements
Software Consulting Agreements

Business Growth And Change

International Business Operations
Joint Ventures
Registered Public Offerings
Underwriting And Distribution Arrangements

Acquisitions And Divestitures

Buying And Selling Businesses
Due Diligence
Letters Of Intent
Sales Of Corporate Assets
Sale Of Corporate Shares
Corporate Mergers
Sale Of Proprietorships
Sale Of Partnerships And LLCs

Business Restructuring And Termination

Dissolution And Liquidation Of Corporations
Dissolution And Liquidation Of Partnerships And LLCs